Basic parameters


working radius638mm 
Repeat accuracy±0.5mm
terminal speed≤2m/s
Power consumptionTypical power consumption150W
Installation methodFormal, reverse, side mounting
Installation area≈160cm2
Terminal I/O interface2 DI / 2 DO
Control box size270×250×130(H) mm
Control box weight3.8kg
Power supply100-240 V (AC) / 50-60Hz
cable length2m
Protection levelIP54
Control box I/O interface4 DI / 4 DO / 2 AI / 2 AO

Axis of motion

jointrange of motionmax speed(°/s)
Note: The unlimited range of joint motion mentioned above needs to exclude the situation of self-interference of the robot. The situation of self-interference will vary depending on the actual motion scene.

Installation interface


Range of motion

Installation method


Installation screws 4*M6

Control box I/O interface (DB15)

Terminal model: DB15 male

控制箱 I/O 硬件接口示意图


numberFunctionPerformance parameters
1Positive power supply, 24V. 
2Analog output 1Supports two output modes: voltage type: output voltage signal 0~10V; current type: output current 4~20mA.
3Analog output 2
4Digital output 1Output voltage 24V, maximum current 2A.
5Digital output 2
6Digital output 3
7Digital output 4
8Negative pole of power supply 
9Analog output 1Supports two input modes: voltage type: input voltage signal 0~10V; current type: input current 4~20mA.
10Analog output 2
11Digital output 1Input voltage 3~30V.
12Digital output 2
13Digital output 3
14Digital output 4
15Negative pole of power supply 

Flange I/O interface

Terminal model: SA810

末端法兰盘 I/O 硬件接口示意图


NumberFunctionPerformance parameters
1Positive pole of power supplyVoltage 24V, maximum current 2A
2Negative pole of power supply
3Digital output 1Output voltage 24V, maximum current 1.5A
4Digital output 2
5EIA-485 ARS485 non-reverse signal (D-)
6EIA-485 BRS485 reverse signal (D)
7Digital output 1Input voltage 3~30V
8Digital output 2