Dear friends, are you still worried about the unhygienic, unenvironmental, and high labor costs of traditional fried foods? Let me introduce to you a new type of commercial unmanned frying robot, which will completely change your catering industry!

First of all, this robot is the best choice for commercial use. Well recognized by overseas markets, it can provide you with efficient services. Just put the ingredients into the machine and it will automatically complete the frying process, saving time and effort.

Secondly, unmanned operation is another highlight. There is no need for manual guarding, which saves a lot of labor costs and also reduces food safety risks. Imagine that you can save a lot of labor costs while opening a shop to make delicious food. Isn’t it a good deal?



Finally, I want to emphasize that this robot is not only efficient, hygienic, and environmentally friendly, but its taste is no worse than artificial frying! The ultrasonic frying technology it uses ensures even frying of ingredients and saves 50% of fuel! Better taste.